Demystifying Tuesday Meetings

Consider this an open invitation. Anyone interested in joining us on Breaking Ranks Tuesdays is welcome to come, listen, and participate. There seems to be a perception out there that we are holding a traditional class and that intrusions by non-class members would be inappropriate or disruptive. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While it is true that many of us are participating for graduate credit, the underlying mission of the group is centered around the needs of Auburn High School—and you don’t need to be an enrolled student in a class to participate or contribute.

Here’s a brief account of what’s been going on. As was covered in last week’s entry, we are spending a fair amount of time talking about organizational change management. Without a deep understanding and appreciation of what can go wrong with institutional change, an organization is almost consigned to failure. Consequently, we are making a diligent effort to ensure that everyone understands how successful institutional change occurs and what typically impedes progress.

We are now moving into AHS-specific conversations. We will be collecting and examining data as we further refine our identification of areas of concern and need. As part of this initial exploration, we will be dividing the group, based on personal interests, into three subgroups:

Collaborative Leadership
Professional Learning Communities
Personalizing the School Environment
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

So, once again, feel free to join us or talk to multiple faculty members who are participating. While only some of us are Breaking Ranks on Tuesdays, we are all invested in the success of AHS. Your thoughts and opinions count.


~ by breakingranks on February 14, 2008.

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