Collaborative Leadership

This is a summation of what my group came up with for collaborative leadership.

  1. Longitudinal Leadership – We see the students after they have had many years of schooling. We often wonder what the elementary and middle school teachers have been teaching these kids. We should know. Having a leadership group (with a curriculum coordinator) is essential to develop our students. Also, this would help the teachers in the younger grades to know what the students will be exposed to in the high school. Finally, transitions are critical for students. How do we assist students stepping up from preschool – primary – elementary – middle school – high school – the world beyond.

  2. Interdisciplinary Leadership – Having committees to intertwine our instruction. For example, the students are presenting for the science project. All of the curriculum is involved in that project. Math – statistics, graphs, and measurement. English – grammar, reading nonfiction, and presentation. History – review of previous research. If we had a interdisciplinary team that worked with teachers, then this project would be enhanced. This is only one example of how we could work better as a team.
  3. Student focused leadership – Maybe a Family focused leadership would be more accurate. Having a leadership team that brings the family and school together. For example, having a parent who is a lawyer talk to a history class. Or having a quick meeting at half time of a basketball game to discuss dress code.

These were the three focal points our group came up with. Since I am new to blogging I did not know how to put in visuals to this post.

Ed Feeney


~ by breakingranks on February 28, 2008.

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