Committee Work

The Breaking Ranks Committee has been divided into 3 separate groups in order to begin drafting a report. The groups are Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Personalization, and Collaborative Leadership. Each group now must begin to draft a report to be presented to the whole committee.
The format of the report is as follows.

Area of Focus:

Essential Questions:


  • What are the Issues/Questions (Statement of the Problem) ?
  • Where do the 21st Century Skills Fit?
  • What are the”Change” considerations?
  • The recommendations will be filtered through commonly accepted research. (cited)
  • The recommendations will be supported by clear examples.


  • To the whole group
  • Outline of report
  • Format selected by group

Group Recommendation

  • How will the decisions be made?
  • Shaping the proposal /recommendation for school committee
  • Planning the implementation

~ by breakingranks on March 6, 2008.

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